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What I’ve learned writing Historical Fiction

I have spent almost three years now working on an historical fiction piece that is set in the 1600s. The first year or so was mostly research, which is always a bit of a slog (particularly when the period involved … Continue reading

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Where I write for inspiration (My cottage retreat!)

A lot of people have asked me if I get up in the morning and write or if I set time aside every day to write and the answer is no, I lack that kind of discipline. But I do … Continue reading

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Numbering chapters- a couple of tips

I have three manuscripts on the go right now: Hungry Ghosts will hit the ARC stage this week, Umbrella Man is with external readers, and Famine Bay is out with my editor. With three other books published, you’d think I would have figured out … Continue reading

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Pet Peeves – Dialect instead of Dialogue

I confess: I really hate reading books where the authors have decided to write dialogue in dialect. I don’t want to read a book where I have to struggle to figure out what people are saying. As soon as the … Continue reading

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Historical Fiction and why I need a map.

I’ve just finished writing the draft of my historical fiction manuscript, The Jigonsaseh (or Famine Bay as I call it sometimes), and I’ve decided it needs a map. Maybe a couple. It’s set in  17th century North America, and a lot of … Continue reading

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Tips on being an external reader

We authors will often turn to external readers (called betas) to read our early work with a critical eye so we can figure out how to improve it. Those who agree are usually trusted friends — trusted, because that feedback, … Continue reading

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Organizing your work-in-progress

I know authors who outline like crazy before they write. I’m not one of them. I have no idea where the story will take me when I start writing; I’m a true pantser. But I typically hit a point at … Continue reading

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Iroquois torture: Canadian history (part II)

In my research for The Jigonsaseh, I’ve been thinking a lot about the way the Iroquois  (the French word for the Haudenosaunee) have been portrayed in the Jesuit Relations.  The accounts of Iroquois torture are  pretty  harrowing. Here’s an example of … Continue reading

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