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Authorcourse, again.

For the second time,  posted up one of my blog posts without attribution. This time it was my post on the Debut Dagger Shortlist. The last time this happened, Authorcourse presented my post word for word without attribution. (In … Continue reading

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Update on Authorcourse

You’ll recall, I’m sure, when my entire post on Johanna Skibsrud and Gaspereau Press was plagiarized and reposted on a website called Authorcourse, without attribution. (Actually it was worse than that. It was attributed to Authorcourse.) This resulted in my filing a … Continue reading

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More on my DCMA complaint…

After a website reproduced one of my entire blog posts and took credit for it, I filed a copyright complaint with the host server which disabled the content 48 hours later. Here’s the update from Hostgator: “Hello, Just as a notification, … Continue reading

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The plagiarist apologizes, sort of.

I received an email from the owner of this morning in response to my ‘cease and desist’ letter. For those of you not familiar with this saga, posted the entire contents of one of my most popular posts without any attribution. … Continue reading

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Update on plagiarism

For those of you who haven’t been following this saga, I discovered two days ago that had reproduced my entire blog on Johannna Skibsrud and Gaspereau Press without any attribution to me whatsoever. And I was pretty mad about it. It was, … Continue reading

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On the trail of an (im)poster

Well, I had an interesting (and busy) day learning the ‘ins and outs’ of what to do when someone takes your intellectual property and passes it off as their own. As you may have seen from my previous post, I … Continue reading

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As I hope anyone reading this blog can tell, I take a fair amount of time writing it. So I was quite surprised to learn yesterday that someone using the blog name ‘Author Course’ at had replicated my entire … Continue reading

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