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Updates – The Giller Reader’s Choice and Cheating

Yesterday, a reader (“Guest”) commented extensively in the comments section of yesterday’s post about what he perceived as cheating in the Giller Reader’s Choice. His comments, which you can see below yesterday’s blog, included a description of how he had … Continue reading

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The Giller Readers Choice — is there cheating?

When I checked this morning, The Beggar’s Opera was out in front in the Giller Prize Reader’s Choice. Tanis Rideout’s brilliant Above All things  was in second place and Aga Maksimowska’s wonderful Giant was in third. The lead has been switching back and forth … Continue reading

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More on The Sentimentalists and Gaspereau Press

Noah Richler blogs today about Gaspereau Press, and its dealings with Tracy Bohan and the Wylie Agency.  For newcomers to this debacle, or what passes as a scandal these days in Canada, Johanna Skibsrud won the Giller Prize. Her publisher, … Continue reading

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Update on The Sentimentalists

My posts on Johanna Sibsrud and the controversies around the Giller garnered more hits than anything I’ve posted (by a factor of ten). Clearly, people are interested. Gaspereau Press announced today that there will be two versions of the book, … Continue reading

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Johanna Skibsrud and The Sentimentalists

Canadian writer  Johanna Skibsrud won the coveted Giller Prize last night for her debut novel, The Sentimentalists. It sounds like a great read. If you can find a copy. Skibsrud’s novel was published by Gaspereau Press in Kentville, Nova Scotia. It’s a tiny operation that cranks books out … Continue reading

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