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# 3 – How many books have you sold?

In my series of posts on what not to say to an author, the third is: How many books have you sold? This is a question I get pretty regularly from co-workers, book clubs, and strangers. Interestingly, it’s a question that’s … Continue reading

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# 2 – So are you writing full-time now?

The second of six things not to say to an author is this:  So, are you writing full-time now? This question is most often posed by people I’ve just met. I am usually at a reception or some kind of  work event where I’ve indicated … Continue reading

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Update on UBC Press royalties/e-book

I had a very pleasant chat with the Assistant Director/Editor for UBC Press this a.m. about the e-book issue. For those of you not in the loop, I have a non-fiction book, Lament for a First Nation, and discovered on my  … Continue reading

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