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Learning the craft of writing…

I noticed yesterday that this blog was getting quite a few hits from a particular link to a writing class at Columbia College in Chicago:  An intensive review in writing, reading, and critical thinking prior to enrolling in 52-1151 Writing and … Continue reading

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The Author’s Second Pass

Once you get the first formatted proofs to read (the author’s first pass) and have made your corrections, those changes are inputted and formatted. Then a second set arrives. These are called the Author’s Second Pass, and it’s the last chance … Continue reading

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The Beggar’s Opera, Early Rejections

I thought I’d post some of the rejections I received for The Beggar’s Opera before it was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger Award. The first agent I queried asked  for a two week exclusive. At the end of that reading period, … Continue reading

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Line editing and copy editing

The Beggar’s Opera is out for copy-editing but I’ve just spoken to the editor involved and learned that it may be line edited too. All of this is new to me, as a debut author, so I thought I’d explain … Continue reading

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Polishing a manuscript

People ask me sometimes what it means to ‘polish’ a manuscript. The best analogy I can think of these days comes from real estate, now that I’m working in that business. It’s like staging a home. You essentially go through … Continue reading

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Quotes about Revisions from Famous Authors

After posting up some of the rejection letters that famous authors received, I thought it would be interesting to see what they had to say about the revisions process. Some of these quotations are about editorial comments; others about that … Continue reading

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Describing Characters

Wow, crazy week. I’m in the midst of revisions to The Beggar’s Opera (about a third of the way through the first cut) but things have been incredibly hectic, which means I’ve been working away on the manuscript whenever I have a … Continue reading

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How many queries should you submit?

I was asked this question frequently this week, after my story circulated in the media. I suppose the answer is, keep going, ‘until you find representation,’ or ‘until you give up.’ I tried the contest route. For me, that worked. If it … Continue reading

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