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Writing by committee …

The problem with using external readers is that they often provide conflicting advice. I’ve sent my historical fiction manuscript (ms), Famine Bay, to several. Some liked the plot device; others didn’t. One suggested I rewrite the entire manuscript to change … Continue reading

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What the line editor does ….

I used to think that line editing was when an editor went through your work looking for typos and grammatical errors line by line. I was wrong. There’s some overlap, but that’s the job of the copy editor. In the … Continue reading

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Writer’s Angst

One of the things that has surprised me about the steps involved in getting published is how angst-ridden the whole process is. Waiting for responses to query letters is anxiety-provoking and often heart-breaking. I think we all imagine that if … Continue reading

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Oh, to be an editor–the Oovil Snetches.

Ever wonder what literary agents and editors have to deal with? Here are some of my favourite excerpts from submissions made to Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, as compiled by Miss Snark. They’re guaranteed to make you howl, or growl, … Continue reading

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We get closer to publication…

Early this morning, I received comments from the Dutch translator of The Beggar’s Opera via my UK agent’s  foreign rights office. The translator had a long list of questions about the plot and my wording. Right after I’d addressed those, I received an email from … Continue reading

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The final stage of copy editing

YESSS!!!! I think the editing of The Beggar’s Opera is finally done! The last stage of copy editing turned out to be a long (three hour) phone call with my copy editor. We went through the manuscript and discussed small tweaks that I’d either missed … Continue reading

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Copy Editing

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a really good copy-editor this week so I thought I would share my thoughts on what it was like and what you can expect. After The Beggar’s Opera was accepted by Penguin Canada, it … Continue reading

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Line editing and copy editing

The Beggar’s Opera is out for copy-editing but I’ve just spoken to the editor involved and learned that it may be line edited too. All of this is new to me, as a debut author, so I thought I’d explain … Continue reading

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