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Me and Ian Rankin, Part 2

So, some five years after I first met Ian Rankin, we met a second time when I hosted him at the Ottawa International Writers Festival. Ian  changed my life after a brief encounter in Harrogate, UK. I saw him in … Continue reading

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Free copies of The Hungry Ghosts on Goodreads! Enter now!

There are 50 free advance reader’s copies of my next book in the Inspector Ramirez series — Hungry Ghosts — available on  Goodreads. The contest ends on March 31st. Here’s the link. (Did I mention they’re FREE?)

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Terrorist or mentally ill? Does it matter?

Ottawa, my home town, was traumatized this week when a shooter cold-bloodedly murdered an unarmed sentry at the War Memorial in our downtown core. With all due respect to British comic, Russell Brand, who immediately began parsing words like “terror” and “cold-blooded,”  a shooter … Continue reading

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It’s a tricky business, writing historical fiction

It’s not easy to write historical fiction, I’m discovering as I continue to work on my manuscript, Famine Bay.  It’s no wonder that books like Shogun are classics; there are so few that do it well. I’m writing about a period … Continue reading

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Taking a break ….

Hey everyone … like all good things, this blog is coming to an end for a while so I can  catch my breath. I have posted 650 individual blog posts, mostly about my own tortured path to publication as well as practical advice on how to get … Continue reading

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RIP Rod Blair (1915-2013)

My father, Roddie,  passed away this evening; he was a little less than three weeks shy of his 98th birthday. He was fading,  not failing, but he was starting to get tired of being bed-ridden for the last several months. My … Continue reading

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The Poisoned Pawn hits the US in February – an early review!

I guess the advance review copies of The Poisoned Pawn must be out now, because here’s an early review. (The book will hit the US in paperback in February and I love, love, love the new cover;  Pintail did a terrific … Continue reading

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Writing Historical Fiction – The Jigonsaseh

Having embarked on my first effort to write historical fiction, I have to hand it to the people who pull it off. It’s an exercise in world-building and the amount of research is phenomenal. I was inspired by Joseph Boyden’s … Continue reading

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