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A few 17th century surprises and phew, revisions are finished!

I’ve just finished making revisions to my draft manuscript, Famine Bay. It’s historical fiction set in the 1600s in New France, New York, the Great Lakes and Iroquoia (which was the Five Nations territory, south of Lake Ontario). It was a real … Continue reading

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Writing Historical Fiction (it ain’t easy).

I am still working on The Jigonsaseh, a novel set in 17th century New York and New France. What I’m finding is that I can’t take anything for granted. For example, I have a scene in which Governor Denonville of … Continue reading

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A response from Lawrence Day to my research!

Lawrence Day responded to my last post with a comment about my research for my new historical novel-in-progress, The Jigonsaseh, and his response was so interesting I felt it deserved to be reproduced as a post of its own. So … Continue reading

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Writing Historical Fiction – The Jigonsaseh

Having embarked on my first effort to write historical fiction, I have to hand it to the people who pull it off. It’s an exercise in world-building and the amount of research is phenomenal. I was inspired by Joseph Boyden’s … Continue reading

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The challenge of writing about a foreign setting…

As you know, the Inspector Ramirez series is set in Cuba and since I don’t live in Cuba, I have to rely on a lot of research to get the small details. I’m always a little surprised at how many … Continue reading

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Taking Issue with Yvonne Klein’s Review of The Beggar’s Opera

I’ve had some interesting back-and-forth with  Yvonne Klein over the past 24 hours. I posted parts of her recent on-line review of The Beggar’s Opera yesterday.  It’s the first really negative review that TBO has received, but I think what bothered me … Continue reading

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Background research in fiction

A police procedural doesn’t have to be accurate but it has to come off as accurate. Most authors  writing in this genre either come from a background in police work or law or they research like crazy, spending time with … Continue reading

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