Where I write for inspiration (My cottage retreat!)

A lot of people have asked me if I get up in the morning and write or if I set time aside every day to write and the answer is no, I lack that kind of discipline. But I do have a cottage near Westport that I go to most weekends in the summer and that seems to be a place where I can really focus and get down to work. I’ve had weekends out there where I’ve written 16, 000 words (that’s about 20 per cent of a book), getting up in the morning to start and writing until dark. But the nice thing about the cottage is I can stop anytime I like, go for a swim, or a kayak ride or just sit outside in the sun.

Here’s my piece of heaven:


I write in the dining room, which has an amazing view. I’m around 20 feet from the water.  (I can’t get a great picture because there’s just too much light!) I look out the window at the lake when I’m gathering my thoughts.


And here’s what I see:

IMG_0105 IMG_0150

IMG_0343 IMG_0344

The nice thing about the lake is that there always a few pals who drop by.

IMG_0333 (2)blue heron

All of which makes the dog VERY happy. He loves wandering around and has decided that chipmunks and ducks are fun to chase.


And when I don’t feel like writing or lounging around, I often paint! Anyway, it’s a lovely spot to write, and I’m very lucky to have it.

rocks at buck lake scout at the lake painting of buck lake

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2 Responses to Where I write for inspiration (My cottage retreat!)

  1. Deborah says:

    It must work for you; look how productive you are. Beautiful.


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