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Agent Rejections – Here are some samples. Read ’em and weep.

For a variety of reasons, I am no longer writing the Inspector Ramirez series. I had one publisher that owns world English rights to the first two books and another that owns Canadian rights to the second two books and … Continue reading

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Fan Mail! #SpoilerAlert

Nothing makes an author happier than a happy reader, so a big shout out to Frank who took the time to drop me a note in the mail. I love getting fan mail! So happy he enjoyed the books. (But … Continue reading

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The Inconsistencies in Joseph Boyden’s Various Backgrounds

I’ve had a lot of my non-indigenous friends express sympathy for the beleaguered author, Joseph Boyden. They think his background sounds complicated and that perhaps  he’s being unfairly criticized for not being “Indian enough,” as one of them said to me … Continue reading

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Joseph Boyden’s Disputed Status as Indigenous Spokesman and Why it Matters

Late last week, celebrity author Joseph Boyden’s indigenous background was questioned by both Jorge Barrera of the the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) and by an indigenous blogger, Robert Jago. The questions they raised created a firestorm of controversy on … Continue reading

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Is there a silver lining in the American election? I think so.

Here are my  thoughts after last night’s win: there are some silver linings we shouldn’t lose sight of. There was no revolt in the streets,  and no armed insurrection, which I feared might follow a Clinton victory. I worried that if elected, … Continue reading

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Bob Bickford and me at Arnprior Library!

Had a lovely authors’ event at the Arnprior Library last week. It was a terrible night out (pouring rain) but about 20 people came out to ask questions. (Bob’s a local author so I’m sure that’s why the good turnout). … Continue reading

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Book signing and astro-navigation and the power of stars.

I was at Carlingwood Mall today signing books at Coles and as always, I met some really lovely people. One was an  elderly gentleman who came over to chat with me – he was having trouble walking and shuffled about with … Continue reading

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A reader asks: why did I change the place names in Havana for my series?

I had a comment today on the blog from a German reader who pointed out that the place names I’d used for a hotel and bar in The Beggar’s Opera were inaccurate and wondered if I’d changed them for a … Continue reading

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