Note cards!

As promised, here are some of the sketches I’ve done for my notecards. Colour by Design is our Royal LePage printer and they are awesome. I can send them a sketch in the morning and within an hour have tent cards delivered to my office. (And their designers are great: love working with them.)

For the first two sketches, I managed to catch Phoebe asleep and then alert. She’s a Russian Blue mix who is convinced that she’s a dog. She will sit on command and shake a paw for a treat.

card 1 cat sleeping

card 2 cat sitting

And then, this is Scout, Phoebe’s best friend.

card 4 sleeping dog

And this is the two of them together. (They are never more than a few feet apart.)

phoebe and scout

These are tiny little pictures, no more than 2-3″ square. I draw them in pencil, and then go over the lines with a small black sharpie that has ink that isn’t indelible so that if I use a wet brush, I can soften and smear the lines, creating shadows. Then I’ll add either a wash of black/brown paint or occasionally colour.

Hope you like them — they’re easy to do and take very little time but really do personalize the cards I send out! (And people seem to hang onto them for ages which is a marketer’s dream; I was recently visiting the office of a financial planner I work with and she had all the cards I’d sent her over the past several years on display!)

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