Learning the craft of writing…

I noticed yesterday that this blog was getting quite a few hits from a particular link to a writing class at Columbia College in Chicago: 

An intensive review in writing, reading, and critical thinking prior to enrolling in 52-1151 Writing and Rhetoric I. Designed to emphasize each students’ writing process, the ICW curriculum works to recognize student knowledge and understanding of culture, while exploring the rhetorical purpose of personal narrative and cultural response. Teaching strategies include individualized, conference-based instruction, peer tutorials, grammar and usage review, and academic and digital literacy training. Students attend weekly sessions in the Writing Center.

Given the reference to culture, I thought the students might be reading The Beggar’s Opera (which is set in Cuba) so I contacted the professor, Bradley Smith, of the Department of English (no relation to our own brilliant Canadian crime-writer) to see if it was on the curriculum. And if so, to let him know I’d be happy to answer any questions the students might have. 

Professor Smith responded today:

Yes, we were discussing revision in class yesterday, and so I shared your post that collected quotations about revision from famous authors (03/03/11).  We talked about our own perceptions of revision, which quotations seemed the most accurate to our experience, and what we could learn about revision from reading these quotations.  I’ll be doing the same exercise in different sections today, so you can expect a few more hits….

Thank you for your kind offer to speak with my students, but we’re not reading The Beggar’s Opera.  Unfortunately, reading fiction doesn’t fit with this course’s goals.   

I am always amazed at how widely a blog like this can end up being shared — today I see that readers have taken a peek from as far away as Africa and Latin America, even one from Sri Lanka! Needless to say, I’m really pleased that one of my posts is helping these students in what sounds like a terrific class. (By the way, the March, 2011 post which quotes famous authors on revisions can be found here.)

Meanwhile, if the students want to find out about  more about the revisions process, they can check out my other posts  about the revising/editing process (all archived and keyword-searchable under editing or revisions).

Thanks for using my blog, Bradley, and I hope to see your students again! They are welcome to drop by anytime and to contact me if I can be of any help at all.

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3 Responses to Learning the craft of writing…

  1. Bradley Smith says:

    No problem, Peggy. Keep writing. 🙂


  2. Jayne says:

    After hearing the epic revision saga for TBO from your own lips, I was inspired to tackle the heavy challenges in one of my own manuscripts. Not sure whether to kiss you or start plotting your untimely demise (fictionally 🙂 )


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