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Hungry Ghosts: “Blair’s plotting is meticulous, inventive and oh, so well played.” Nice!

I love book bloggers. They are voracious readers and because of it, have a sharp eye for detail. A Bookworm’s World is one of the best book blogs out there, and I’m super-pleased that Luanne liked Hungry Ghosts so much. Here’s … Continue reading

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Wunderlich is Wunder-ful.

I am certainly impressed with my new German publisher, Wunderlich. As I’ve mentioned before, The Beggar’s Opera (translated as Die Giester von Havanna, or Ghosts of Havana) is popping up in reviews all over Europe on WDR radio stations. I’m … Continue reading

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WDR Germany reviews The Beggar’s Opera (and it’s a thumbs up!)

WDR  is the largest European broadcaster, somewhat like our CBC, and they seem to have taken to the German version of TBO in a big way. Not only did they post up this full page review, but there’s a radio … Continue reading

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Pay off from the Daily Deal on Kindle — reviews!

I have no idea how many e-books we sold on Kindle when Polygon arranged a Daily Deal promotion on Amazon; I’m sure Polygon will let me know when they find out from their distributor. I probably won’t be able to … Continue reading

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What my UK publisher thinks of Midnight in Havana…

I stumbled across this post today. Neville Moir is the Publishing Director at Polygon who decided to run with The Beggar’s Opera (although he renamed it Midnight in Havana) for the UK market. What a treat to see what his response was to reading the … Continue reading

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If you want accuracy, don’t read fiction.

One of the reader reviews of The Poisoned Pawn that popped up on Goodreads last week was really critical of my portrayal of Aboriginal people. The reader said that they were  stereotyped and cliched and that he’d worked with “our natives” … Continue reading

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Library Reviews of The Beggar’s Opera!

Always nice to see what readers who borrow from the library think of a new book, and I’m pleased to say they really like The Beggar’s Opera so far! Here are three reviews from readers (the same comments appear across the … Continue reading

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Every author hopes for “buzz.” That means people talking about their book. After all, word-of-mouth sells books. It doesn’t matter how great marketing is, marketing alone can’t sell a debut author. And so in light of the buzz that The Beggar’s … Continue reading

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