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And yet another agent’s 2010 statistics

These are literary agent Janet Reid’s numbers, dating back only to the summer. She doesn’t give query totals but says she requested 124 full manuscripts. Two got an offer; she referred nine to other agents and two additional candidates for representation found … Continue reading

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And, since I’m on stats, here’s some more:

Here are one month statistics from a New York literary agency (Caren Johnson). Total: 337 queries. Requested 6. Interesting that  she mentions the following (aspiring authors: make a note): “I think I requested all of those manuscripts in the first week. It … Continue reading

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One literary agent’s 2010 stats (Kristin Nelson)

Just saw the 2010 statistics for one literary agency, Kristin Nelson, in the US. It’s a bit of a reality check for anyone hoping to get published. Bear in mind that this agency is in Colorado.  I shudder to think of … Continue reading

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The Exclusive (or as I like to call it, Edward’s Game)

Occasionally, after you’ve sent out all those query letters, you’ll get a response from an agent who wants an exclusive for a certain period of time. An ‘exclusive’ means that, for that week, or that month, or whatever the time … Continue reading

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