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Storytelling and character development (Breaking Bad)

My new publisher wants me to further develop my characters in the Inspector Ramirez mystery series. If you’ve read the books, you know they depend a lot on complicated, intricate plots. But when we met for dinner recently, and I said … Continue reading

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Goodreads Reviews & Cuba

Even though The Beggar’s Opera is not yet out (it will be on bookshelves in February), Penguin did a ten book giveaway on Goodreads a month or so ago. So far, five people who won advance copies have reviewed and/or rated it, which I … Continue reading

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About cats … and believable characters

This is a great blog post by my AW pal, Toni Dwiggins, about what happens when an author introduces a cat (or two) into the house. But probably my favourite non-cat related line in her blog  is this one, as the … Continue reading

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Copy Editing

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a really good copy-editor this week so I thought I would share my thoughts on what it was like and what you can expect. After The Beggar’s Opera was accepted by Penguin Canada, it … Continue reading

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Technology in writing

Mary Jane Maffini has an interesting post this week on how technology will affect our writing. No, she doesn’t mean e-books, or the gizmos we all carry around with us, but how our characters use them. Back in my twenties, if I saw … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Writing a Series

Back to a post focussed on writing! For the last few weeks, this blog has meandered around a bit, probably because I’m in the midst of my own version of writer’s block. Hard to advise aspiring authors on how to … Continue reading

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Another writer’s take on genre

I happen to hate Dan Brown’s books and like Stieg Larsson’s (Ibought all three of the girl who kicked butt and loved Salander, Blomqvist not so much). But here’s a novellist who says that all these books are amateurish and poorly written. Now, … Continue reading

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The dreaded synopsis

In order to submit to the Debut Dagger, I had to write a 1,000 word synopsis. It’s very hard to find one to use as a precedent for a pretty obvious reason. The synopsis sets out the plot of a book, and … Continue reading

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