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The Inconsistencies in Joseph Boyden’s Various Backgrounds

I’ve had a lot of my non-indigenous friends express sympathy for the beleaguered author, Joseph Boyden. They think his background sounds complicated and that perhaps  he’s being unfairly criticized for not being “Indian enough,” as one of them said to me … Continue reading

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Joseph Boyden’s Disputed Status as Indigenous Spokesman and Why it Matters

Late last week, celebrity author Joseph Boyden’s indigenous background was questioned by both Jorge Barrera of the the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) and by an indigenous blogger, Robert Jago. The questions they raised created a firestorm of controversy on … Continue reading

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What Two Indigenous Reviewers think of The Orenda

I wrote a blog post yesterday expressing my uneasiness with certain parts of  The Orenda and my concern that readers unfamiliar with Aboriginal history might think it’s all true. And sure enough, a reviewer in the Montreal Gazette has called for The Orenda … Continue reading

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Writing Historical Fiction – The Jigonsaseh

Having embarked on my first effort to write historical fiction, I have to hand it to the people who pull it off. It’s an exercise in world-building and the amount of research is phenomenal. I was inspired by Joseph Boyden’s … Continue reading

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