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National Post Afterword: The Perfect Crime

The National Post Afterword ran a story yesterday that had the finalists for the Arthur Ellis Award picking the mysteries they  enjoyed reading this year. They called the story “The Perfect Crime.”  William Bonnell, who is shortlisted for this year’s Unhanged Arthur Ellis, said … Continue reading

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The Thousand Islands Writers Festival: Murder at the Courthouse!

I just stumbled across the website for the Thousand Islands Writer’s Festival. This is a  writer’s festival which will be held in Brockville October 10-13th, and I think it will be terrific! Elizabeth Hay and Lillian Natel have confirmed their … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Best Books for February

I’m pleased as punch to say that The Beggar’s Opera has been put on Amazon’s editors’ list of “Best Books for February.” According to their website, there are only five copies left in stock but more are coming. All of … Continue reading

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Updates on publication…

I’ve learned that The Beggar’s Opera‘s jacket cover  will have what’s called French flaps. These are the covers that have an extension that folds in (I love them because I can open that fold and use it as a bookmark). The … Continue reading

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