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Agent Rejections – Here are some samples. Read ’em and weep.

For a variety of reasons, I am no longer writing the Inspector Ramirez series. I had one publisher that owns world English rights to the first two books and another that owns Canadian rights to the second two books and … Continue reading

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How many agents should you query before giving up?

I noticed that someone was directed to this blog by this Google search: ‘how many agents should you query before giving up?’ I started this blog with posts about NOT giving up, so I hope that some of the inspirational … Continue reading

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Another success story under the heading, Never Give Up!

Today’s guest blog is from another AW writer who went through 185 rejections before finding success. She even switched genres! Her genre was initially horror. But, thanks to the feedback she received from an agent, even though he passed on the manuscript, it’s now … Continue reading

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Author websites and blogs

Now here’s an  interesting blog that expresses agents’ views on whether authors should have websites and blogs. Interesting, because their comments are directed at aspiring authors still in the querying process as much as published ones. Most say they check to see … Continue reading

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Meeting my agent/editor

I will be heading off to Toronto tomorrow for a training course (I work as a realtor with Royal LePage Team Realty in Ottawa when I’m not writing novels, among other things. Hence my tag line: ‘when you want it done right, … Continue reading

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Luck, and The Beggar’s Opera

Well, gang, for those of you who have been following my travels (and travails) of getting published, it’s looking very good. I can’t give you details yet, but I’m pretty excited by my most recent discussions with my Canadian agent.  So … Continue reading

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Nathan Bransford

I’m really sorry to hear that Nathan Bransford, of Curtis Brown, is leaving to work on social media for CNET. Nathan was an amazing agent. He managed, despite juggling a daily blog, work, demanding clients, travel and a family, to write … Continue reading

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Dealing with Rejection, Part III

As a regular subscriber to the Absolute WriteWater Cooler, I often see posts from aspiring authors who are concerned that months have passed without them hearing anything from the agents they’ve queried. They wonder if they should re-query or contact … Continue reading

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