Fan Mail! #SpoilerAlert

Nothing makes an author happier than a happy reader, so a big shout out to Frank who took the time to drop me a note in the mail. I love getting fan mail! So happy he enjoyed the books. (But I’m sorry to say that Umbrella Man is the last we’ll hear of Inspector Ramirez; it’s the last book in the series.)


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5 Responses to Fan Mail! #SpoilerAlert

  1. pawswaite says:

    I am sorry to hear that it’s the  endWhy not make it like Letters from Wingfield Farms and keep goingYou have the talent and your audience has earned it by their supportDianne Waite

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    • Peggy Blair says:

      Oh thanks, that’s very kind of you. Unfortunately, Penguin Canada owns the English rights to the first two books and Simon and Schuster owns the Canadian rights to the last two, which makes it impossible to sell the series. Time to move on!


  2. Sharon O'Rourke says:

    The end of Inspector Ramirez!! Say it ain’t so! I love the series and hope you change your mind!


  3. Peggy Blair says:

    Unfortunately, it has to do with one publisher owning the rights to the first two books and a different publisher owning the last two: makes it impossible to sell the series outside of Canada and sales here were not stellar. But thanks!


  4. Marilyn Norman says:

    Dear Peggy,

    How can this be the end of Inspector Ramirez? I love the Cuba characters. Your announcement is such a shock and such a disappointment. I have recommended the books to so many people and so much of the charm and interest is from the plucky Cuban Inspector. Please say it isn’t so.

    A very long and devoted fan,

    Marilyn Norman



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