Bob Bickford and me at Arnprior Library!

Had a lovely authors’ event at the Arnprior Library last week. It was a terrible night out (pouring rain) but about 20 people came out to ask questions. (Bob’s a local author so I’m sure that’s why the good turnout). I brought a dozen chalk outline cookies with me, courtesy of Holland’s Cake and Shake (thanks Michael!)  and they were snarfed up in seconds. Here are some pics,  courtesy of Karen deLuca.


The library always does up a great poster. Karen deLuca, the librarian, asked us to sign it; apparently the library posts them up even after the event (thanks, Karen!).


Bob was a little nervous about appearing in front of a home town crowd, as you can see from his expression. I can’t remember the question, but we got some great ones (clearly I’m a little pensive in this shot!).

We were asked if we believed in ghosts, since we both write about them (I don’t, Bob does), and who our target audience is. (I said I write for myself,  primarily; Bob says he writes for readers.) And as always, lots of questions about the writing process itself, and what inspires us.

We did have an interesting back and forth about where our characters go when we’re not writing about them. I think we both felt that we channel them, and that their stories are already out there for us to discover and then polish until we get them right. I used the analogy of the seance where the medium sees a male figure but struggles to figure out if it’s a husband or son or someone’s brother; there’s a lot of guesswork involved for sure until the picture emerges more clearly.



It’s my second time speaking at the Arnprior Library as part of Ottawa Writers Fest festivities; I hope to be invited back! (And if you haven’t yet done so, grab a copy of Bob’s book, Deadly Kiss. I blurbed it for him, and really enjoyed it. He says there are four more on the way.Four! )


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