First Review of #UmbrellaMan! #OttawaCitizen

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5 Responses to First Review of #UmbrellaMan! #OttawaCitizen

  1. Birgit Rau says:

    Dear Peggy,

    I am just enjoying your first book ,the Beggar´ s Opera.It is interesting to read but I must say, as American you should know that Mariachibands are playing in Mexico ,not in Cuba!There are SON groups at every street corner!
    You mostly use the original names of places but why do you call the Parque Central “Parque Ciudad”?And the name of the Hemingway bar is not authentic.Maybe for that you have a reason.
    The other things are concerning the work of the German translater.There are some mistakes in the language.
    I wrote to the Wunderlich printer so that they can correct those errors in future books.
    I hope your next books will also be translated into German.
    Please don´ t get my commentary wrong,I just wanted to let you know.
    Birgit Rau


    • Peggy Blair says:

      Hi Birgit – I refer to the mariachi band when I am writing from the point of view of the Canadian visitor, who would not know what SON is. I changed the names of the hotel and the bar to avoid potential issues because I was setting murder/prostitution in those two places and had been warned that there could be potential issues around liability. Hope this helps and thanks for the feedback!


      • Birgit Rau says:

        Dear Peggy,

        thanks a million for your quick answer! I understand what you mean but I think the Canadians are not that stupid that they can´ t relate Mariachibands to Mexico. As a reader I get the impression that you are mixing it up…
        Looking forward to your next book,

        Birgit Rau


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