The Beggar’s Opera; Hebrew edition!

I got a mystery package from Penguin Random House on the weekend that contained three books in a language I didn’t recognize. I was sure they’d arrived by mistake since Penguin doesn’t deal with my foreign rights sales, and that someone had shipped them to the wrong address, because it didn’t look like one of my books; I couldn’t make heads or tails of the cover image.


I posted a picture of the jacket cover on Twitter and someone immediately pointed out it was Hebrew for The Beggar’s Opera and that I had posted the cover upside down.

And then I realized this was the Israeli release of my debut novel by Keter, my Israeli publisher, and that the books are meant to be read in an opposite way to English, upside down and back to front.

hebrew 1


Hebrew 2

Chris Bucci, my agent for these sales, confirmed the three copies had been sent by my Israeli publisher.

Right side up, it’s a lovely cover and it’s always exciting to see one’s words translated into other languages. A a huge תודה to my new publisher, Keter, for a great job, and to Talia Marcos for buying the rights!

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