Got a question for Ian Rankin?

I’ll be chatting onstage with the famous Scottish crime writer, Ian Rankin, on October 19 at the Ottawa International Writers Fest! Here’s your chance to ask him a question — we’ll have 40-50 minutes together and I’m wide open for suggestions. (Although I do want to know why Rebus and Siobhan have never moved past friendship.)

Post your questions in comments below and I’ll see what I can do!

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9 Responses to Got a question for Ian Rankin?

  1. tremainj32 says:

    Hi Peggy,
    I missed Ian by one day at the International Book Fair in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. I did go to the Oxford bar thinking I might just bump into him! Fat chance.

    Your question is mine also. When will we read about Rebus and Siobhon getting together? It’s about time!

    Pam Blance


  2. Reading was the fuel for my move to writing fiction. Large doses of crime/military/saga/travel/history/biography charged the brain cells into action. What type of reading does Ian spend time on now and what kept him interested as he grew to adulthood?


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