New Crime Fiction: Margaret Cannon on #HungryGhosts

I love Margaret Cannon; she’s a real supporter of CanLit and was kind enough to mention Hungry Ghosts as one of her summer reading picks on CBC’s The Next Chapter. So I was absolutely thrilled to see this review of HUNGRY GHOSTS in her most recent Globe and Mail column on Crime Fiction, New Releases:

Hungry Ghosts
By Peggy Blair, Simon & Schuster Canada, 366 pages, $19.99

Hungry Ghosts is the third in the Inspector Ramirez series by Ottawa lawyer Peggy Blair and, while it’s a bit light on plot, it’s heavy on atmosphere and style, the two places Blair shines. The story begins in Havana, the city trapped in a time warp with its decaying infrastructure and isolated lives. Inspector Ricardo Ramirez is facing a full-moon weekend, the time when the crazies come out. As he’s investigating vandalism at a local art museum, a ghost appears. That, for Ramirez, is a sure sign of a murder. When the body appears, it’s a sex worker strangled with what appear to be her own stockings. Ramirez has seen this method of murder before, in an old cold case. When another victim is found, this time in rural Ontario, it’s clear that there is a serial killer on the loose, one who has the means to travel and whose lust for death is growing. Ramirez teams up with Detective Charlie Pike to track down the man they dub the Highway Strangler.

Here’s the link, and congrats to fellow Penguin author, DJ McIntosh, who also gets a mention — well done!

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One Response to New Crime Fiction: Margaret Cannon on #HungryGhosts

  1. Ellie says:

    Dear Ms. Blair,

    My name is Ellie Potvin. I will be hosting a TV Show with Rogers highlighting local authors. Would you be interested in being a guest on the show? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,



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