Last night’s book launch of #HungryGhosts!

We had an amazing turnout for the launch of my new book, Hungry Ghosts, the third in the Inspector Ramirez series. Lisa of Octopus Books estimates that over 150 people came through to have a glass of our Hungry Ghosts beer (in blood-spattered glasses) and taste our Guilty Men wine.

There were trays of delectable Cuban sandwiches and desserts prepared by Michael Holland, who owns Cake and Shake. It was the best venue ever. (He even made tiny little book jacket covers out of fondant to top his mini-cakes. They were red slayer cakes and an amazing passion fruit/coconut confection; he also  made blood spattered chalk outline cookies and black angel of death cookies to die for.

And we sold a pile of books!

Here are some pictures of  the venue as we were setting up, the crowd that arrived, the food we served, and that brilliant art exhibition that was inspired by the book. (We even had our own Hungry Ghost labelled-beer,, served in blood-spattered glasses!) A huge shout-out to my pal, York Polk, who handled the bar and to all my many friends, neighbours, colleagues and fans who showed up to celebrate.

The Hungry Ghosts art exhibition hit the Ottawa Citizen and the Montreal Gazette this weekend — exciting! I’ll be back at Cake and Shake tomorrow between 2-4 PM for a book signing during Prose in the Park, and that gorgeous art will be on display all month.

DSCN0408 DSCN0409 DSCN0410 DSCN0412 DSCN0413 DSCN0414 DSCN0415 DSCN0425 DSCN0430 DSCN0432 DSCN0434 DSCN0412 DSCN0436 DSCN0438 DSCN0441 DSCN0401 DSCN0402 DSCN0403 DSCN0442DSCN0404

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4 Responses to Last night’s book launch of #HungryGhosts!

  1. Glad it was a success! Liz was sick and my knee was acting up but we were with you in spirit.


  2. crazyanneca says:

    Congratulations on your new book. When you visited the Russell Library last year you indicated that you wouldn’t be writing anymore. We were so disappointed. I can’t tell you how pleased we were to read about your upcoming book launch in the newspaper. Thank you for continuing to write this series.


    • Peggy Blair says:

      Well, I had said I wouldn’t be writing anymore after the books in the queue: this is one of them. There is another one after that in the Ramirez series called Umbrella Man and then the historical fiction novel called Famine Bay that I mentioned at that time, if I can find a publisher. But that’s the end of the line for me. Thanks so much for the feedback!


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