#HungryGhosts Book Review – “One of the best mysteries to come out of Ottawa”

Peter Robb of the Ottawa Citizen has released the first print review of Hungry Ghosts and I am definitely having a Sally Field moment (“You like me, you really like me!”). He describes Hungry Ghosts as “one of the best mysteries to come out of Ottawa this or any year.”

Wow. That may be the best review I’ve ever had.

These comments  made my day:

“Part of the genius of this novel is Blair’s ongoing exploration of cultures with which the average Canadian reader is not necessarily familiar. These portraits set her novels apart from the run-of-the-mill genre mystery. This book is full of delightful small town stories of lives in communist Havana and in Aboriginal Canada.”

A huge thanks to Simon and Schuster Canada for taking the plunge and to Peter Robb for such a great review.

You can read all of it here. (And what’s terrific, too, is that the Ottawa Citizen has included one of the artworks from the art exhibition inspired by Hungry Ghosts in its online story!)

Hungry Ghosts will hit bookstores on June 2. The launch of it, and the art exhibition, will be held at Cake and Shake in Hintonburg on Thursday June 4, 6-9 PM. Cake and Shake, by the way, is busy getting ready (photo courtesy of Nick Bachusky):

chalk outline cookies

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