Planning a book launch! #HungryGhosts

I am now in the midst of planning my third book launch. Hungry Ghosts will be out June 2 in bookstores; we’re doing the launch on June 4 at Cake and Shake in Hintonburg, which is in the heart of the Ottawa arts district. The reason I chose Cake and Shake is that  Michael, the owner, is an amazing pastry chef which means I can have appetizers and desserts that will work with the Cuban theme of my Inspector Ramirez series. Also, part of his shop is a gallery, and he’s kindly allowing me to display art work based on the book. So it’s a great venue.

I’m now busy trying to put together those final details that people will remember and that help to build up buzz. I have arranged to borrow two neon palm trees from The Orange Art Gallery (thanks, Gretchen!)


I have ordered a bunch of bloodstain palm print balloons from the US. My pal, author David Swinson, arranged to get them delivered to him and then shipped to me as the vendor doesn’t ship to Canada.


I may get my friend John Bennett (a former cop) to once again get me the flashing red light that we see on police cars; we had one at the first launch and it really added to the atmosphere.

We are serving small Cuban slider sandwiches, so we will use these Cuban flag toothpicks to secure them.


I’m also thinking of ordering some of these “Evidence” food picks and I’m going to see if Michael can do some Simon and Schuster logo cookies. (We’ll have chalk outline cookies too).IMG00228-20130208-1933

evidence food picksProbably the coolest thing I’m doing for the launch is this: I’ve found a micro-brewery in Ottawa that will put the jacket label for Hungry Ghosts on its beer bottles instead of its usual label. Pictures soon!

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4 Responses to Planning a book launch! #HungryGhosts

  1. Mary Lindsay says:

    Sounds like a great event Peggy. Certainly the first two launches were great fun. Congratulations.


  2. rossbrownfoot says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be a great launch, Peggy! Congratulations!


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