Next Year’s Book Launch will be an art exhibition! #HungryGhosts

Hungry Ghosts, the next book in the Inspector Ramirez series, will be out next June and this week has been a flurry of activity: getting the acknowledgements written, figuring out a dedication, and most important, figuring out what to do for the launch. In past years, I’ve had a big party at a local art gallery with Cuban food, Cuban drinks and live Cuban music and lots of people. But next year’s is going to be quite different, and I’m super-excited.

Thanks to local Ottawa artist, Sharon VanStarkenburg, and Sharon Louden, the Senior Critic for the New York Academy of Arts (introduced to me on Twitter by my pal Dave Thomas), we’re going to have an art exhibition based on the book!

These two wonderful women got hold of their artist pals and within a day or two, I had more than twenty artists contact me offering to read the book and create a piece of art, based on their impressions. Here’s a small sample of work from just a few of the artists who will be contributing.

Charis J. Carmichael Brown


Benjamin Martins

benjamin martins

Angela Fraleigh

angela fraleigh

Dominique (Mique Michelle) Boisvenue


And one of my favourite artists: Sharon VanStarkenburg


These talented artists range from those who do encaustic and abstracts to watercolour and graffiti. One has been featured on HGTV for the wild and wonderful living space she’s turned into an art installation in NYC (I’ve seen it featured several times on different shows);  yet another is a local artist who is also a musician and video artist!  All these artists are amazing: I spent most of yesterday  on-line looking at examples of their work,  in awe of their creativity as well as their generosity and enthusiasm about this project.

What a wonderful launch this is going to be! I’ll introduce you to the individual artists and their work as we get closer to the day itself (I’m thinking I’ll do a blog post about each one starting in May), but for now, I can only say how grateful I am to them and to the two Sharons (and Dave, for the introduction), and how much fun this is all going to be.


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2 Responses to Next Year’s Book Launch will be an art exhibition! #HungryGhosts

  1. paula schuck says:

    That will be a cool release!! Love this idea. Happy Holidays!

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