How about an art exhibit related to a book series?

The more I think about the idea of an art exhibition running hand-in-hand with the launch of a new book, the more I like it. I was initially thinking of something where artists might donate their work, but that’s a huge ask. Instead, imagine a book launch that promotes not just an author, but the imaginations of readers who are talented enough to draw/paint the emotions the book evokes in them?

An art gallery in one of the villages in the Eastern Townships has done something similar with respect to Louise Penny’s wonderful series; I think it’s brilliant. Take a look and let me know what you think. I’ve contacted my artist pals to see if they might be interested in taking a run at the Inspector Ramirez series; after all, what could be more evocative than Cuba?

I always have my launches at a local art gallery; I think it would be super cool to have the launch and an exhibition of art based on the book (or books) at the same time. If you’re an artist and you’re interested, let me know: I can arrange to get you an advance copy. Hungry Ghosts will be out at the end of June, with Simon and Schuster.

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