Taking a break ….

Hey everyone … like all good things, this blog is coming to an end for a while so I can  catch my breath.

I have posted 650 individual blog posts, mostly about my own tortured path to publication as well as practical advice on how to get published. (A good number of others were book reviews and shameless self-promotion. Mea culpa.) Almost 80,000 of you shared my  journey; close to 1,500 of you posted comments. Thanks to all of you.

But the reality is that I have a day job as a realtor  that needs more attention as we move into the busy spring season and I’m doing some volunteer work that’s dear to my heart that I want to focus on too.

I’ve organized a project called Homes with Woofs, which involves getting designer doghouses donated so we can auction them off, all proceeds to the Ottawa Humane Society. I’m having a lot of fun doing it, but  it reminded me how little I’ve given back to my community in recent years because of the amount of time I’ve spent writing.

Each book takes at least 1,500 hours to write and promote. I’ve written five manuscripts in the last four years. Two have been published; two more are in the publication queue; I’ve just finished writing the first draft of the  fifth. It’s time, I think, to put my pen down and take the dog for a much-needed walk.

So goodbye for now, good luck, and all the best of luck getting published. You’ll meet some wonderful people along the way. Keep your expectations reasonable.  Most of us won’t make a fraction of what we expect to; that’s the nature of this business.

Don’t take negative reviews personally (they really aren’t), and be grateful for all those wonderful people who are willing to give up their precious time reading the product of yours.

There’s no better feeling in the world than connecting with someone through the written word. Thanks for spending some time here connecting with mine.

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3 Responses to Taking a break ….

  1. L. D. Sword says:

    Thanks Peggy, for all the inspiration. I’m enjoying the Poisoned Pawn as much as TBO. Scout will be glad of your time. How about one last update after the Homes with Woofs event so we know how it went?


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