Poisoned Pawn gets a starred review in Booklist!

Bill Ott gave The Beggar’s Opera a great review in Booklist last year; so pleased  to see that he’s enjoyed The Poisoned Pawn (the sequel) as much. What’s great about these starred reviews is that the publishers love them: they use them in their advertising. Those little extracts you see are called “pull quotes.”

praise for poisoned pawn

Here’s (in part) what Bill Ott had to say — you’d have to subscribe to Booklist to see the entire review, which appears in their February 15th edition :

“Blair follows up her outstanding debut,The Beggar’s Opera (2013), with another superb crime novel starring Inspector Ricardo Ramirez, head of Havana’s Major Crimes Unit, who sees and communicates with the dead bodies whose murders he is investigating. (Are those bodies real? …..

“There’s lots more than that going on, too, and Blair brilliantly unspools her tightly wound plot, revealing more than one shocker in the process. This is a fine series with a thoroughly outstanding cast—not only Ramirez, a wonderful blend of befuddlement and shrewdness, but also Havana pathologist Hector Apiro, whose bone-deep cynicism masks a sensitive soul, and the Canadian lawyer Celia Jones, who can’t seem to stay out of harm’s way. Expect to hear much more about this series; it’s just waiting to be discovered in the big way it deserves.” — Bill Ott

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2 Responses to Poisoned Pawn gets a starred review in Booklist!

  1. Linda Abbott says:

    That’s fantastic. I’m half way through “the Poisoned Pawn”. I love Inspector Ramirez.


  2. Peggy Blair says:

    Thanks! I think the second part of the book is stronger than the first – hope you enjoy it!


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