Wunderlich is Wunder-ful.

I am certainly impressed with my new German publisher, Wunderlich. As I’ve mentioned before, The Beggar’s Opera (translated as Die Giester von Havanna, or Ghosts of Havana) is popping up in reviews all over Europe on WDR radio stations. I’m told WDR is the equivalent of our CBC. And now there’s this new one on Krimikiste, which I’m guessing is a private station.

Now, I don’t speak German, but even so, it is pretty darn cool to hear a German radio personality chat about your book. Here’s the link. My book is discussed as 1048, and you can click on the icon on the far right to hear the audio. If you speak German, feel free to let me know if she liked it!


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4 Responses to Wunderlich is Wunder-ful.

  1. Linda Abbott says:

    I just finished reading “Beggar’s Opera. Loved it. Many surprises and twists.


  2. Estherwrites@aol.com says:

    I don’t speak or understand German, but I had a grand time listening to the woman talk about your book! Your publisher does what almost none of them do anymore and that’s aggressively promote your work. It’s wonderful to write as well as you write, but it’s quite another to let the world KNOW you write so well and to make those books available to eager readers. Good for you, Peggy! Esther Luttrell _www.estherluttrell.com_ (http://www.estherluttrell.com/) Author / Public Speaker Yellow, Green, Blue and Dead – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I2WU7H4 Between Heaven & Earth, Proof Beyond Doubt that Life and Love are Eternal _http:/./www.amazon.comB00GXSS21A_ (http:/www.amazon.comB00GXSS21A) Murder in the Movies – _www.murderinthemovies.com_ (http://www.murderinthemovies.com/) The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell – _http://www.hauntingofleighmaxwell.com_ (http://www.hauntingofleighmaxwell.com/) PH: (785) 234-5674 Live simply, expect little, give much, trust God


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