Cool! Beggar’s Opera is now available in the Czech Republic!

Book cover - czechThere is nothing more fun for an author than seeing their book translated and available in another country. I love the Czech Republic, and this particular foreign sale came about because of a Canadian reader who became a friend who had a friend in the Czech Republic who was a publisher … well … you get the picture.

The interesting part of this story, I think, is that I met Dana because she messaged me on Goodreads about the book after she read it and I suggested she post her review up in public. I think, in fact, that her review was the first time she’d ever done one. She started to review more books, which was kind of exciting, and we kept in touch (we met at my Toronto book launch in person) and then she recommended the book to her friend, and we now have a two book deal!

So that just goes to show how you can meet very cool people and make all kinds of new friends via sites like Goodreads, and you never quite know where things will end up.

Anyway, a big shout-out to Dana for making this all happen! And oh yes, here’s the link.

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