Line edits for Hungry Ghosts – done!

Somehow between shoveling snow and running around for clients this weekend, I managed to get through the line edits for Hungry Ghosts, the third in the Inspector Ramirez series. This time, it was a breeze.

I think what’s happened is to a certain extent, symbiotic: it’s the third time I’ve worked with this editor. And so I pre-emptively made certain changes to the manscript when I was writing it, anticipating what he might say, and he’s left some things alone that he might have challenged me on two books ago, knowing they’re part of my writing style. And just possibly, my writing is a little better now that I’m getting the hang of this. Anyway, as always, Alex Schultz is brilliant. It’s a much stronger book thanks to his involvement. I’m sure we’ll have one or two phone calls to hash out any remaining issues, but that won’t take long at all.

Hungry Ghosts should be out sometime in June with my new (still a mystery) publisher– I’ll keep you posted!

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