The Poisoned Pawn hits the US in February – an early review!

I guess the advance review copies of The Poisoned Pawn must be out now, because here’s an early review. (The book will hit the US in paperback in February and I love, love, love the new cover;  Pintail did a terrific job!)

And a big thanks, Nancy, at Fiction Addiction – so glad you liked the sequel to The Beggar’s Opera!

Pintail 2/25/2014. New paperback.  Releases 2/25/14. Store pick: Another wonderful mystery by Peggy Blair. If you have not yet met Ricardo Ramirez, one of the last honest men left on the Cuban police force, this is a great place to start. You will fall in love with Ramirez and his best friend and medical examiner Hector Apiro, you will love learning all about what life in Cuba is like, and you will enjoy trying to figure out the mystery piece by piece as Ramirez does. Ramirez is a dogged and determined detective unmoved by the corruption of all the officials around him. The setting is fascinating and the plotting is intricate and multi-layered. I can’t wait for the next installment in this compelling new mystery series. -Nancy M., store volunteer

poisoned pawn US cover

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