Why it’s a good idea for authors to comment on other people’s blogs

I mentioned in my blog post yesterday how I usually post a comment on blogs that mention my book, and thank the posters. Here’s another good reason why that’s a good thing to do: you often find out ahead of time what’s going on.

Today, for example, I noticed a very nice thumbnail review of Midnight in Havana on a UK blog called Finding Time to Write. The reviewer wrote that Midnight in Havana was “An excellent near-impossible set-up which has the readers wondering throughout the story, plus lashings of what seems to me very authentic Cuban atmosphere. A visual, auditive treat, and an engaging Cuban cop who can see dead people.”

As usual, I went to the comment section and thanked the reviewer. And this is her reply:

“There’s more to come: I’m just putting the finishing touches to an article ‘Five Women Authors to Watch in 2014′ for the website Crime Fiction Lover, where I am a regular reviewer. You are one of the authors I recommend – really enjoyed Inspector Ramirez and the atmosphere you recreated so vividly!”

I mean, really, how fantastic is that! And I might never have found out if I hadn’t hit that comment button.  Nice!

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8 Responses to Why it’s a good idea for authors to comment on other people’s blogs

  1. Good advice! Which I am apparently now following.


  2. Carlos says:

    Wow. Congrats! Engagement is very important overall. I am still new to blogging and I will like to interact more with fellow bloggers as well. Getting to know the industry and to learn more is something I will like to work on. Thanks Peggy.


    • Peggy Blair says:

      Good luck, Carlos! I have a real estate blog too called Kiss and Sell where I work on that side of things. I’ve had a good response business-wise from both of them. And made lots of great connections.


  3. Congrats Peggy and thanks for your note on my blog. It’s really encouraging when people take time to comment on something you are both passionate about.


  4. Juna says:

    A lot of author feel so proud and they think they don’t need to comment on other blogs


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