Canada Reads 2014 – the competition is on!

CBC has just announced the rules for this year’s Canada Reads contest, and I’m honoured that some of my readers have already nominated my book, The Poisoned Pawn.  Thanks for the support!

Just a sentence or two is all that’s needed to recommend a book for the contest: here’s the link.

For now, they’re going to go through the recommendations and pick the top 40. This year, they’re looking for books that deal with Canadian issues of national importance. (The Poisoned Pawn deals with Indian residential schools abuse, and as someone who heard far too many of the stories first hand as an adjudicator in the settlement process, I can’t think of a more poignant national issue, given its terrible and lasting implications for First Nations and Metis people across the country.)

If my book is shortlisted, there would be daily and weekly voting most likely while they sort out the top five titles that will go toe-to-toe. This is not a frivolous contest, by the way: the winner can expect to sell 20,000 books as a result of the exposure! So do check out the link and nominate whatever books  resonate with you — you can enter up to five titles! As far as I know, you don’t have to be a Canadian to nominate a book or to vote, but it’s always a lot of fun once it gets going!

Oh, and if you haven’t read The Poisoned Pawn yet, you can get it at most bookstores; at Chapters online,  and on Amazon, or as an ebook at Kobo and Amazon Kindle.  It’s not out in the US quite yet but will be released by Pintail in February in paperback.


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