A great review of Midnight in Havana on Nudge!

Great review of Midnight in Havana on Nudge: here are some highlights! (You can read the entire review here.)

“Reviewing a mystery is a challenge – you don’t want to give anything away – a bit like this author’s style.

“… Great characters and a great storyline and it seemed neatly tied up at page 269 – what would the next 77 pages hold? I couldn’t imagine the twists and turns of the story. It held me totally and kept me reading when I probably should have been doing something else. The author manages the different strands of storyline with complete mastery. I was caught up in the characters and their lives as well as the investigation Inspector Ramirez undertakes. I learnt a lot about Cuba and Cuban politics (I had a lot to learn!) and it left me with a desire to visit this complex city ( armed with pencils and soap). The Cuban/ Canadian relationship was explained without me feeling that I was force fed the information. There was a lightness in the author’s touch on most matters. Plenty of gentle humour which you need to deal with the subject matter – the murder of a child and sexual abuse. Just enough detail of the crime but nothing too much.

“I am hoping that Peggy Blair has more books written and ready to publish as I for one want to read more of her.”

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