What my UK publisher thinks of Midnight in Havana…

I stumbled across this post today. Neville Moir is the Publishing Director at Polygon who decided to run with The Beggar’s Opera (although he renamed it Midnight in Havana) for the UK market. What a treat to see what his response was to reading the book and why he decided to publish it. Here’s what he had to say:

‘A Piece of Passion’ from the publisher…

‘I am a bit of a sucker for the weird and unusual and a taste of the exotic, so when I saw this script I sat up and took notice. Set in contemporary Havana, we are introduced to the major crime unit of the Cuban National Revolutionary Police led by an inspector who sees the ghosts of unsolved murder victims who in turn is assisted by a dwarf pathologist who needs a stepladder to be able to conduct his autopsies. Although handicapped by a creaking bureaucracy, intermittent steam-internet and a lack of pencils, the policemen’s resourcefulness, dark subversive wit and profound intelligence more than compensate for these shortcomings. A compelling mystery with brilliant characters and a fantastic setting this is a spellbinding whodunnit. But above all a book of immense humanity.’ – Neville Moir, Publishing Director, Polygon

 I mean really. How cool is that? Here’s a link to Neville’s comment and some of the reader reviews from the same site (LoveReading.UK)  that chose Midnight in Havana as one of their July Debut Novel picks.

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