This year’s (2013) Debut Dagger Winners!

The winner of the 2013 CWA Debut Dagger Award has been announced, and I’d like to wish Finn Clarke of the UK huge congrats. But let’s not lose sight of the other Debut Dagger contestants: among them are the future crime writers we’ll all be reading. And a special nod to my pal, Jayne Barnard, of Canada for making the list. Awesome!

If you want to see all the CWA Dagger winners, you can check out this link.

Again, kudoes to CWA for helping to launch the careers of so many aspiring writers. Alan Clark, Rosemary McCracken, and Kathy Stewart from my year have all since been published — Alan won a Best First Novel Award in Australia for his book, Prime Cuts. 

( I know you’ve all followed my “lost the Dagger but met Ian Rankin in the bar and got published because of him” story — which just shows what an impact those Daggers can have, even if you weren’t the winner, as long as they drive you to drink.) Again, all the best to  the shortlisted writers from all around the world — CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Debut Dagger

  • Aine O Domhnaill (Ireland) The Assassin’s Keeper
  • **WINNER**  Finn Clarke (UK) Call Time
  • Sue Dawes (UK) TAG
  • Alex Sweeney (UK) Working in Unison
  • Marie Hannan-Mandel (USA) Lesson Plan for Murder
  • Ron Puckering (UK) Honour or Justice
  • David Evans (UK) Torment
  • Jayne Barnard (Canada) When the Bow Breaks
  • DB Carew (Canada) Fighting Darkness: The Killer Trail
  • Mike Craven (UK) Born in a Burial Gown
  • Emma Melville (UK) The Journeyman
  • Joanna Dodd (UK) A Cure for All Evils
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