Why I’ve been out of commission….

As most of you know, I usually put up  a new blog post every day or two, but I’ve been  “missing in action” lately. The reason? I had cauterization surgery on my right eye last week for a medical problem, and the recovery has been slower  (and more painful) than I’d expected.

I’d forgotten how being in discomfort can dominate your life, to the point where you don’t feel much like doing anything. I saw the surgeon yesterday and told him I was surprised at how much pain I was in. He reminded me I’d just had an operation, so I suppose my expectations of sailing through all of this quickly were perhaps a little high.

And of course, I’ve looked like devil’s spawn, even to myself. (A neighbour loaned me a pirate-style patch, but it was very uncomfortable. How does Johnny Depp do it?)

 I managed to get myself out the door a few times for necessities, but really, I’ve spent most of the past week feeling sorry for myself, hiding out at home, and sleeping as much as possible.  The nice thing is that I work in such a great office: these gorgeous flowers were delivered this week with a note from my fellow realtors saying they hoped I’d be back at work soon. A lovely boost to morale!



Here’s hoping I’ll see them soon! I should be back to my usual blogging schedule in the next couple of weeks, and I have lots of news, so stay tuned!

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8 Responses to Why I’ve been out of commission….

  1. Jo-Anne Ward says:

    Hang in there, Peggy!! I’ve learned in the past few months (having had both my hips replaced at the same time!) that we must be “patient patients” when our body is healing, & that’s not easy!! Soon you’ll be back “in commission” (& I just realized that “out of commission” can refer to sales people who receive commission while working… Take good care of yourself!! Jo-Anne


  2. Nick Krimp says:

    Hope you are better soon. 🙂   Nick


  3. Steve Vernon says:

    Life is always full of discomfort. I don’t really know why God didn’t build us with a layer of bubble-wrap permanently installed.

    Hang in their Peggy. You’re writing is still cooking away deep down your subconscious. You get over this miserable setback and you’ll come back at it with a full tank of high-propane gas.


  4. Sue Pike says:

    What a miserable time you’ve had of it. I do hope things improve soon. Unfortunately, even the weather has been grim. Pathetic fallacy?


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