My interview with CB (Chris) Forrest

My interview with CB (Chris) Forrest will air on Rogers TV (Cable 22, Ottawa) on Wednesday at 7:30 PM. Spoiler: I met Chris last year when we were on an author’s panel at Books on Beechwood, and he’s rapidly become a pal.

He writes beautifully crafted crime novels — literary novels that are police procedurals but are at their heart, noirs– and the three I’ve read in his Charlie McKelvey series reminded me very much of Ian Rankin’s work. Chris’s cop is a Canadian Rebus: struggling to get relationships right (and failing) but always committed to finding the truth. I love Chris’s writing: it’s evocative, word-perfect and carefully crafted. There are phrases so beautiful and thought-provoking they make me gasp: the only other author who has that effect on me is James Lee Burke.

Tune in on Wednesday to catch our discussion about fate, connections, persistence, and getting published and get ready for a brilliant segment in which Chris tells me how he breaks through writer’s block. (It involves a ukelele.) There will be replays later this week and this fall as well: check the Rogers TV schedule for details.

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