“Evil needs no Passport”: Fantastic review of Poisoned Pawn in Hamilton Spectator …

Wonderful review by Don Graves in the Hamilton Spectator:

“Peggy Blair writes like an author possessed, with story-telling skills that make her a must-read writer beyond the mystery genre. The Poisoned Pawn, a follow-up to her debut hit, The Beggar’s Opera, triggers caution in this reviewer in choosing adjectives that cannot do justice to the emotions this story provokes.

“The Poisoned Pawn is fiction rooted in painful reality. The depth transcends physical, emotional and religious borders. Evil needs no passport.

“Cuban police inspector Ricardo Ramirez arrives in wintry Ottawa to bring back to Havana a priest possessing child pornography. While wearing clothes fit for a beach (and not skating on the Rideau Canal), Ramirez also learns of women dropping dead back home from a mystery toxin. Canada threatens a travel advisory. It’s a mix of public health, cross-border depravity and politics.

“Using a good mystery plot, Blair uses layers of political deceit and religious deviance as means to an end. Little justice is served, and the depths of political expediency are exposed. Blair can tell a story with the best that Canada has to offer.”

(There’s a great review in Don’s column as well of The Christie Curse by my pal, Mary Jane Maffini. She wrote it collaboratively with her daughter under the pen name, Victoria Abbott, and it’s a romp. Be sure to check it out!)

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