Gail Bowen and how she’s coped with a difficult, unpredictable childhood

I met Gail Bowen on Sunday night at the Ottawa International Writers Festival (Sandra Abma snapped this shot of the two of us just before our panel with Michael Redhill, called Criminally Great Writing).

me and gail bowen

She came to my home to be taped the next morning for my new Rogers TV show, Getting Published, and we had a really interesting interview. Much of it was about her books and her relationship with Joanne, her protagonist. It’s the kind of stuff we hear from Gail at festivals and in her public appearances — she is, after all, a pro and  this wasn’t exactly her first television interview.

But she let her guard down as well at one point, and talked about her difficult and unpredictable childhood, and how it’s left her always needing to be in control of her environment. We discussed how we can be shaped into patterns  and scripts as small children that are almost impossible to change, even if we are conscious of them, and how the need to control can lead to great success but also make a person difficult to be around (trust me, I can relate to this).

My interview with Gail Bowen will air on Wednesday, May 29 on Cable 22 in  Ottawa and again in the fall. I’m not yet sure of the time, but I’m sure you’ll find it extremely interesting. It’s a vulnerable side of the author and  a highly insightful look at a woman many consider to be the grand dame of Canadian mystery writing.

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2 Responses to Gail Bowen and how she’s coped with a difficult, unpredictable childhood

  1. Nikolai Krimp says:

    I have a question. I have Cogeco Cable. Is there any way I can get that show of yours?


  2. Peggy Blair says:

    I’m told it will only be available to Rogers subscribers (internet or cable) but once it’s up and running, our producer has said he’ll try to get the authors DVDs of their interviews. So if you know Hayden, you might be able to catch it that way. (Or visit a pal with Rogers when the show is airing?) Thanks for asking! Peggy


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