Rogers TV – new author series

What a weekend! I think I hit the record for the most interviews in 24 hours, with  eleven thirty-minute interviews. I interviewed Barbara Fradkin, Linda Wiken, Mary Jane Maffini, Rick Mofina, Brad Smith and Robert Pobi on Sunday, and C.B. Forrest, Cathy Astolfo, Gail Bowen, Hayden Trenholm, and Shelagh Rogers today.

I loved meeting all of the guests on this new author series, called Getting Published, and getting to know them better.

Memorable moments:

  • Rick Mofina talking about how he always wondered what would happen if he’d set his books in Canada instead of the US;
  • Mary Jane Maffini talking about how she ended up with a pug in her latest novel, even though there was no pug in the story initially because her publisher was concerned that there were “two many cats”;
  • Linda Wiken on southern cheese straws and how she created her setting using southern cookbooks and actors’ audiotapes;
  • Gail Bowen landing an “F” bomb in a community TV show that absolutely can’t have swearing in it (I never thought to tell her not to swear -after all, she’s in her sixties);
  • Rob Pobi doing his damndest not to swear throughout the interview;
  • Brad Smith talking about  athletes like Muhammad Ali and wondering  if we would ever have heard of him if he hadn’t discovered the one thing he was brilliant at;
  • Hayden Trenholm on the future of small press publishing and how community fundraising initiatives  may be its salvation;
  • Barbara Fradkin on why she chose the Nahanni River as a setting, even though she’d never been there;
  • Cathy Astolfo on social justice and spirituality as an ongoing theme in her writing;
  • Shelagh Rogers on how she copes with the terrible stories she hears at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission into Indian residential school abuse, and
  • Chris (C.B.) Forrest who spontaneously serenaded me with his ukelele.

What a fantastic weekend! Love you all!  Thanks so much for joining me to do this; it was absolutely my pleasure. And thanks so much to Kyle and Jasmine from Rogers TV for doing such a great job on the show.

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