Busy Day with Rogers TV and Writers Fest!

The Ottawa International Writers Festival is underway: I’ll be on a panel this evening at 8:30 PM at Knox United with Gail Bowen and Inger Ash Wolfe. Gail is also going to be a guest on my new TV show with Rogers (called Getting Published) so I’m looking forward to catching up with her this evening.

Today’s going to be hectic. We’re filming the series in my living room, and the Rogers TV crew will arrive in two hours. From noon on, there will be a guest in and out every 45 minutes: Barbara Fradkin, Mary Jane Maffini, Linda Wiken, Rick Mofina, Robert Pobi and Brad Smith are on today; CB Forrest, Gail, Cathy Astolfo, Hayden Trenholm and Shelagh Rogers start at 10 AM tomorrow.

I’ve been busy downloading their author photos, jacket covers and the photos they sent me of their various and diverse non-writing passions (which range from restoring old cars to dressing therapy dogs in pearls!) and getting my questions ready. Some of the authors are staying overnight, so I’ve also had to get the guest rooms ready and the Green Room downstairs. I think it will be fun! The series starts rolling in early May with Will Ferguson as our first guest; I’ll be a guest on Daytime Ottawa on Thursday to introduce the show.

I don’t yet know what times we’ll be airing but I’ll keep you posted.

Break a leg, everyone!

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One Response to Busy Day with Rogers TV and Writers Fest!

  1. Anonymous says:

    how exciting Peggy!


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