Great interview in Apt 613!

I had a lot of fun being interviewed by Alejandro Bustos for Apt 613, the very cool “go-to” site for all things Ottawa. And I’m happy to say that Apt 613 has now started a regular feature for interviews with local authors. (This is the first in the series).

Here’s some of what Alejandro had to say about a series which he says features “arguably Cuba’s greatest fictional detective”– you can read the entire interview here.

“Ricardo Ramirez, the police inspector in charge of the Havana Major Crimes Unit, can see dead people. Yet again, his ability to interact with the ghosts of murdered victims may be nothing more than a mental disease, perhaps even the same one that killed his grandmother.

“Amidst this personal anguish inside the head of a Cuban detective, a Canadian police officer from Ottawa on vacation in Havana is arrested for the rape and murder of a young boy. From this captivating beginning, local mystery writer Peggy Blair opens her fascinating debut novel The Beggar’s Opera, which tells the story of what is arguably Cuba’s greatest fictional police inspector.

“The sequel The Poisoned Pawn, released this past February, continues the highly complex plot, which encompasses Canada-Cuba relations, an international criminal ring with links to the Vatican, and images from the streets of Ottawa that residents often ignore.

“Blair’s literary efforts have resulted in some unforgettable characters. There is Inspector Ramirez, a first-class detective who sees the ghosts of murdered people. In addition to solving crimes, he has to deal with the shortages facing Cuba, such as the lack of fuel for police vehicles.

“Then there is Hector Apiro, a brilliant pathologist and one of Cuba’s top plastic surgeons who suffers from dwarfism. His small physical stature hides his genius mind and deep compassion…. I always found myself siding with Apiro, even in the second book when … well, you will have to read the novel to find out.”

Be sure to bookmark Apt 613: it’s a great site to visit and browse. Thanks, Alejandro!

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