We have a name!

My new Rogers TV show finally has a name, and after three weeks of submitting names to the copyright lawyers at Rogers TV (only to have them rejected), we finally decided to use the name of this blog: Getting Published.

Now the fun starts: putting together the logo and disparate elements that will provide structure to the show, and getting ready for my interviews.

The first one is tomorrow with Giller Prize winner, Will Ferguson. We’ll use my living room for the taping. With the help of my friend, Diana, we’ve  already rearranged it so that there is another big wing chair flanking the fireplace and a glass table between the two chairs (see below).

Other furniture has been moved back to make room for the camera and tripod. I’ve already started piling books on the mantel. from the authors who will be visiting.

Rogers TV producer Kyle Smith will come by early tomorrow to see how it all works; there may be more changes before we’re done.


I had hoped to make it to the Arthur Ellis shortlist event tonight at the Public Library but won’t be able to  go. That’s disappointing, since so many of my author pals will be there, but I have to finish reading 419 this evening and get started on new books by Linda Wiken (Erika Chase), Barbara Fradkin and Mary Jane Maffini, all guests.  

We will start taping our 90 second “commercials” tomorrow too, and these are going to be mini-book reviews that we use as breaks and promos. Then there are two books by Rick Mofina to get to next week, and a new one by Rob Pobi. ( Which reminds me: still waiting for Cathy Astolfo’s book.)

I read three others last weekend: Rob Pobi’s River of Dead, Brad Smith’s Shoot the Dog and Gail Bowen’s Kaleidoscope: all brilliant writers and great books! This is not exactly a hardship assignment, believe me. And I’ve been lucky, as always, to have great volunteers: three of my pals are acting as drivers for the out-of-town folks who will need ferrying here and back, including Shelagh Rogers, who will be interviewed on the 29th.

The show will air locally for 8 weeks starting in early May; after that, we’re looking at ways to make it available to Rogers subscribers in other parts of Canada.

Anyway, I’d best head off to Nigeria for the evening with Will Ferguson and some Nigerian bank scammers See you all tomorrow and best of luck to everyone on the Arthur Ellis shortlist! 




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