Will Ferguson and Hayden Trenholm, guests!

Great news! Giller Prize winner, Will Ferguson, will be on my Author2Author show on Rogers TV!  We’ll tape on the 19th and likely air at the end of the month.

And critically acclaimed author, Hayden Trenholm, whose Steele Chronicles are a mix of mystery, police procedural and science fiction has also agreed to join me to talk about his books and his newest venture – becoming the publisher of Bundoran Press.

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3 Responses to Will Ferguson and Hayden Trenholm, guests!

  1. dgkirkwood says:

    I read Will’s book and it was amazing. A real page turner….


  2. Pssst! Peggy! Don’t be afraid, but I hear Will hates Canadians! Are these going to be broadcast on the web somehow, eventually, so those of us outside of Canada can see them?


    • Peggy Blair says:

      Ha! They will only be shown locally, and then they will be available to Rogers subscribers in Canada, but my producer is checking to see if there is any way to turn them into podcasts, as there is much interest in them. I’ll keep you posted!


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