Mystery Tribune: “A great debut … highly recommended.” The Beggar’s Opera

Really nice to see those American reviews rolling in for The Beggar’s Opera–I’m so pleased that the reviewers like it! Here’s the latest from Mystery Tribune (a website , by the way, that a mystery lover could get lost in for hours!):


A Canadian author with a great debut about Cuba: Peggy Blair was a lawyer for more than thirty years. A recognized expert in Aboriginal law, she worked as both a criminal defense lawyer and Crown prosecutor. Her critically acclaimed mystery The Beggar’s Opera, won the 2012 Scotiabank Giller Prize Readers’ Choice award and was selected as one of Amazon’s best books in 2012. She lives in Ottawa.

Our Take:

Cuba, especially for Americans, has always been a place of mystery…tropical climate, old cars from 1950s and intriguing environment of Havana (or what it seems to be Havana) have been portrayed many times in the Hollywood movies. This book is different though, as the author went to Havana herself to provide a rather accurate snapshot of the life in Cuba.

Peggy Blair is definitely a talented writer and her debut is impressive in many aspects: Many twists and turns, characters who, out of necessity and norms of the society, might only think about their own interests and the corruption in the system. These are some interesting aspects of a story which seems to be a great promising debut for Inspector Ramirez series.

We highly recommend this book to the readers who love mysteries in exotic locales.

Our Rating: 4.0

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